About St. Johns Christian Church

St. Johns Christian Church - Portland Oregon

Our History

St. Johns Christian Church is located in the small community of St. Johns in North Portland near where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet. St. Johns Christian Church was established in 1905 in a room above the St. Johns Hardware Store located in the heart of the St. Johns’ community. Mr. J. Perry Condor, who was then working as a Sunday school worker for the Christian Church, held this first meeting.

In 1906, J. R. Johnson was hired as the first pastor, and served until 1914. The congregation first owned property on N. Chicago and Central, several blocks from our present location, where a tabernacle and Sunday school facility were built.

Sometime around 1915 under the leadership of Dr. Herbert F. Jones, a new church building began to be built on our present piece of property. On June 20, 1920 the dedication of this building took place. The building was enlarged several times; however, it became obvious that this facility was not adequate for the growing needs of the congregation.

Howard C. Cole pastored St. Johns Christian Church from the 1940’s until 1951. In 1951 Jess Johnson and his wife Mary came to St. Johns as the new minister. Jess had been the director of the North Willamette Christian Evangelistic Association, the local para-Church organization dedicated to helping Christian Churches in the area with many needs such as church planting and training. Under Jess Johnson’s dedication the church began a capital building fund to raise the needed money to build a new facility on a donated piece of property on the corner of Central and N. Richmond.

In 1978 the original church building was remodeled and turned into our fellowship hall, education and youth wing. The church offices and the present sanctuary were updated and remodeled at that time as well.

St. Johns Christian Church as had many pastors over its nearly 100 years. Bud Grogan, Marv Scherpf, Denis Whittet, Dorral Campbell, and Glenn Cunningham are just some of the dedicated men who have led this congregation in its recent history. Each has brought his special talent to this congregation and has left a mark on the people here.

Our desire for the future of St. Johns Christian Church is to continue to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ. We strive to build on the traditions that have come before, and to follow faithfully the path that God has laid out for the future of this congregation. We at St. Johns Christian Church desire to glorify God, to reach people for Christ, and to help all believers become fully devoted followers of Christ. We endeavor to continue the mission that St. Johns Christian Church has followed-to Love God, Love People, and Meet Needs.